Lansdowne Park Redevelopment, TD Place

The main scope of the Lansdowne Park Redevelopment Project focused on the revitalization and reconstruction of the formerly known Frank Clair Stadium and Civic Centre into what is now called TD Place, a new extensive parking garage facility, and many commercial and residential buildings.

X-L-Air was the Prime Mechanical Contractor for the work on the Parking Garage, North & South Stadium, Retail Buildings A, B, and J, the Horticulture Building (a designated heritage bldg.) and a tenant fit-up ‘Cineplex Theatres’ (5 theatres - 1,600 persons, 85,000 sq ft).

X-L-Air through its participation in the value engineering process, cut $1 Million (12% reduction) dollars from the initial mechanical budget without compromising the design.

  • PARKING GARAGE: construction of a new 2,200 parking space, 500,000+ sqft parking garage;
  • CIVIC CENTRE & NORTH STANDS: renovation of the existing hockey arena building (approx. 10,000 seats and NHL sized rink) and north stands/concourse of the football stadium (approx. 13,800 seats). Renovations included the replacement of the existing 4,100 MBH boiler plant and other mechanical systems. X-L-Air was responsible for all the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, plumbing and controls;
  • NEW SOUTH STANDS: construction of a new 10,100 seat stadium and concourse c/w new mechanical systems;
  • RETAIL BUILDINGS A,B & J: construction of retail Bldg ‘A’ (2 storey, 46,000 sqft), Bldg ‘B’ (2 storey, 54,000 sqft), and Bldg ‘J’ (1 storey, 42,000sqft). Bldg ‘B’ housed the main heating/cooling plant (12,000 MBH / 900 tons) for all the retail buildings A,B,C,D,G1,G2,H;

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