What We Do

What do we do as a prime mechanical contractor

X-L-Air is one of the largest Prime Mechanical contractors in the Ottawa region. We work with other members of the design-construction team, either as members of a design-build team or as the successful bid mechanical work contractor.  We specialize in:

  • helping design and installing new mechanical systems (sheetmetal, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC piping, plumbing, and with the help of subcontractors: building automation controls, sprinkler systems and refrigeration) for new buildings;
  • helping design and installing mechanical system renovations or refits to existing buildings, including historical, heritage and museum building retrofits
  • mechanical system addition when a building expands
  • applying Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver, Gold and Platinum standards in both building refits and new buildings.


Recognizing that no two projects are the same, we’ve created a “control room”. Problems – current or potential, get solved in a timely manner. The control room is where we collaborate and brainstorm solutions with our in-house engineers, project managers, CAD technicians, site supervisors, fabrication shop foreman, and experienced project managers. We review project plans, model the plans in 3-D to gain more technical insight, and track progress on current projects using scheduling and cost tracking software. This type of coordination gives us flexibility. This flexibility results in solutions that meet our customer needs and still keep strict control on costs for each job.


Real Life Example:

Project:  LEED retrofit of the City of Ottawa’s facility OC Transpo
Project Manager: Nicolini Construction Ltd.

Project manager Peter Nicolini of Nicolini Construction Ltd., the general contractor for the project remembers a challenging aspect of the job since OC Transpo personnel were moved onto one side of the building so that their work could proceed throughout the two-phase construction period.  Halfway through the project a switch-over occurred relocating personnel to the finished side of the project allowing the construction team access to the other side of the building.  “For much of the project, we had people working on the other side of the wall sharing the same air ventilation system as the construction team.  Thanks to X-L-Air we were able to complete this aspect of the project and conform to our indoor air quality plan with great success.”

Nicolini was particularly impressed with X-L-Air’s quality and high level of commitment to the job, “The knowledge and practical value that was brought to the table by President Nick Haitas and Operations Manager Scott Black was truly impressive. These two individuals were of great value to the project team and assisted in delivering a successful project to the client.” Nicolini is convinced of the benefits in using the LEED gold standard for a facility of this nature. “In my opinion,” he says, “the benefit of completing a renovation to LEED gold standard applies to both the client and the contractor. The client benefits from the day- to-day use of the facility; and the long-term benefit it offers in reduced energy consumption and lower overhead costs to operate is remarkable. The contractor benefits from the hands-on knowledge of the specialized work involved, acquiring priceless knowledge for future projects.”